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Live GameScreen is a tool for visualizing the world that your roleplaying game characters inhabit. It creates a more immersive tabletop environment by putting you in the scene while at the same time removing some of the more tedious bookkeeping involved in playing many games.

Live GameScreen provides a powerful console for the Game Master to track player and non-player characters, including health, initiative, status, or whatever else is appropriate for the game system. It provides a full-screen player window to display character portraits and backdrops which can be changed as characters come in and out of a scene or whenever the setting changes.

With Live PlayerScreen (new in version 2.5), you can view the same player screen on another PC on your local network, or even over the internet (for G+ Hangouts and Skype games).

Live GameScreen lets you import your favorite art for character portraits and backdrops. Most image file formats are supported and you can even package them up into a single save file for convenience and portability. (Just make sure you have the proper rights to the images before distributing a packaged save file.)

Live GameScreen comes with "generic" game systems that can be used with any RPG. It also has specific support for the following systems based on official published game rules:

System Requirements



Character portraits and backdrops in screenshots are for demonstration purposes only and are not included in the software.

Dungeons & Dragons™

The following screenshots demonstrate support for 4th Edition D&D. Other editions will appear slightly different (no bloodied status, no healing surges, columns for tracking constitution damage and negative levels).

D&D Player Screen
D&D 4E Player Screen - the screen that is presented to the players.
Note the character and monster portraits (with health info), backdrop, initiative list, and campaign info.
Note also the status icons, which you can modify and create your own rules for displaying.

D&D DM Screen
D&D 4E DM Window - the main window only the DM should see.
Note the color-coded health, initiative list, and player screen layout preview

D&D Damage Screen
D&D 4E Damage Window - an additional window for the DM.
This screen automatically tallies damage, healing, temp HP, and healing surges.


These screenshots demonstrate support for the Dresden Files rule set and use sample characters from the official Dresden Files RPG. Other FATE games will appear slightly differently - they will have different stress tracks, for example.

Dresden Files Player Screen
Dresden Files Player Screen - the screen that is presented to the players.
Note the player characters' aspects and stress tracks are displayed prominently.
Note support for larger creature portraits (all games systems support this).
Note how only temporary and consequence aspects are visible on the enemy creature.

Dresden Files Conflict Screen
Dresden Files Damage Window - an additional window which allows the GM to track stress, temporary aspects, and consequences during conflict.

Development Credits

This software is a joint effort of Dave Fried and Matthew Highcove. Additional design input is provided by Blake Mutschler and the rest of the crew at Fun-N-Games in Blacksburg, VA.

Screenshot Art Credits

Character portraits for D&D screenshots are from the Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition Character Builder by Wizards of the Coast. Character portraits (as well as names and game information) for Dresden Files screenshots are from the official Dresden Files RPG rule books, published by Evil Hat.

Additional art has been made available under the Creative Commons license; links are provided to the source pages:


Live GameScreen © 2009-2013 Dave Fried and Matthew Highcove