Do you see the player or the character?

So here's a weird post-Gen Con thought: when you play tabletop RPGs and you think about the game later, do you ever think about, say, who sat in a particular seat and find yourself picturing the character and not the player?

I am pretty solidly attached to reality, but this is a still thing that sometimes happens to me, to the point where my initial mental image can even get things like the gender of the person wrong.  I can always call up the real person's face, but it's still sort of a strange moment of cognitive dissonance.  It doesn't happen in every game - maybe it depends on the level of role-playing at the table, or how deep I am in my own character...?

Anyway, yeah, that's just a thing I guess.  Any thoughts?

2 thoughts on “Do you see the player or the character?”

  1. I like games where I'm able to be immersed enough that I picture the characters rather than the players on recall. I can totes see Big Fucker, Found and III running around. Especially re-listening to the podcasts I'm Eliza and there is no "players".

    D&D this doesn't happen so much, even when someone does as good a job of being evocative as Blake can, in D&D the focus is still far to mechanics heavy for the scene to become etched indelibly in my mind.

  2. I can totally see Big Fucker, too. Caitlin is good at that particular job.

    One of the problems with D&D I think is that you've got character sheets and minis (and in many of our games, Live GameScreen as well), so the focus is away from the person and on the game pieces. Whereas in most indie games, you're always looking at and addressing the other characters in the fictional space.

    But it's good to know that I'm not completely crazy.

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