Morning Roundup

A few things, personal, political, and just general:

We had to euthanize my cat Boss last week.  He had been in renal failure for well over a year, but it was a tumor that finally got him.  We'd been doing everything we could for him, including giving him subcutaneous fluids every other day, putting all sorts of medications in his food, and just generally babying him.  He was feisty to the end.  I like to think that he didn't suffer much; his behavior only really changed the last week or so before we took him to the vet.  Anyway, I'll miss him a lot.  He was a really, really good cat.

It's been a weird weekend.  Karen starts two weeks of night shifts, during which I won't see her very much, so of course the in-laws were here this weekend and I had a concert to play in, making it as difficult as possible to get any alone time together.  What we had we made the most of, though, for which I am very grateful.  We saw Captain Phillips together last night, and it was a very good movie, which brings me to my next point...

Watching Captain Phillips reminded me that the biggest differences between us and the Somalians are that (a) we can afford the trappings of civilization and (b) we have bigger guns and way scarier people than they do.  That is a fact that should not be overlooked - a lot of the horror that takes place in developing nations is borne of desperation, not a desire to harm or terrorize people.  Conversely, the fact that the Navy are the good guys comes from the fact that we Americans - and by extension our military - buy into a modern, egalitarian, patriotic narrative.  The best way to make the world a better place is, therefore, not to kill all the bad guys, but rather to make it a fair, equitable place where good government and responsible power are possible.

One more state joins the 21st Century!  Fifteen down, thirty-five to go.

Finally, I've figured out what it is about Google+ browser interface versus the G+ Hangouts Android app that drives me crazy:

  • With Hangouts in the browser, a green bar means a person is online, and bold means there are unread messages from that person.
  • On mobile, bold means they're online and a green speech bubble on their profile pic means... something (I honestly have no clue).

WTF, Google?


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