State of the Dana - Fall 2016

So I've written a bunch of angsty-ass stuff in the past couple three years, and nobody should be surprised, since existential dread is basically one of the four trans girl food groups (the other three being prescription drugs, knee socks, and glitter).

Well, good news, everyone! No more trangst for Dana!

I had my last major(-ish) surgery in August - body contouring - and it's pretty much cleared up the last of my dysphoria. Electro is winding down, too; I no longer need to go for an hour-plus every week. I'm officially off spiro barring a huge T spike, so no more constant trips to the bathroom. Last (and certainly not least) dilation is down to less than once a day, so it's not eating my life anymore.

Even better than that: our first child is due in March and I'm getting ready to breastfeed, I've been given a management position at work, and I've joined an honest-to-goodness roller derby team.

I'm officially sticking a fork in my transition: for all intents and purposes, it's done. I'm a girl now - a big, gay, bad-ass mama tech bitch on wheels, to be precise.

Y'all better get the hell outta my way.

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