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Comparing apples to orange trees

So there's this bit of stupid, arguing that (at least in Great Britain) electric cars do not have smaller carbon footprints than gas- (er, petrol-) powered ones.  The author does the following mental gymnastics:

2011 Chevy Volt
The electric car - hero or heel?

First he takes the energy consumption of a compact petrol-burning car (55/43 kWh per 100km city/highway).  Then he takes estimates of electric vehicle performance from two other studies, which give them at ~16kWh/100km and ~20kWh/100m.  Finally he claims that since fossil fuel power production is only about 36% efficient, those numbers are really 48 and 60 kWh/100km -  worse than the compact car!

This is purported to show that there is no real benefit at all to driving the electric vehicle. Good thing there are holes in his analysis large enough to drive a Chevy Volt through.

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